Graphic Design & Layout

Visibility is crucial for the success of your business. Being visible to your potential customers means having a presence wherever they might find you, and establishing an image that attracts them. It never hurts to visually remind existing customers why they previously came to you too, and to give them a reason to come back. Graphic artists who excel in marketing will understand the intersection between your company’s identity, the quality demands of modern media, and the creative edge needed to get the attention of the right audience. Professional graphic design and layout can help set you apart from your competition with effective images and messaging.


A good logo will combine shapes, colors, and sometimes text / characters into a memorable image. Perhaps more important than its memorability, though, is the feeling that it gives the viewer. Businesses in professional industries often use clean, bold, and simple elements in their logos, while companies that cater to children are usually playful, colorful, and energetic. Whether you are seeking a logo that incorporates your name, or an icon or mark that symbolizes your business, we can help you find the perfect image.


Did you know there are advertisements on the internet? All kidding aside, advertisements and other online marketing has become an integral part of most successful marketing strategies. It is just as important to look your best in the digital universe as it is in the real world. We can help with banners, animated GIF ads, social media headers / backgrounds, digital display ads, PDF fliers, and more. And, not all that’s digital is online. We can also help with things like power point presentations and still images for rotating lobby videos.


We have helped clients with a variety of print-based graphic design. This includes business cards, signage, brochures and rack cards, media kits, newspaper and magazine advertising inserts, and postcards. While we don’t do the printing ourselves, we have great relationship with local printers who can take our designs to final production. Another area of experience is preparing logos and graphics for on-product printing.


Layout usually involves combining multiple pieces of content into a cohesive and visually pleasing singular document. We can help create fliers (digital and print), event programs, collaborative advertisements, and other multi-source materials.

Samples of Our Graphics & Logo Design Work

Passionate About Marketing and Small Business.

Contact Scott and Tina Harlan at Talk 19 Media to discuss your next media / marketing project!

Passionate About Marketing and Small Business.

Contact Scott and Tina Harlan at Talk 19 Media to discuss your next media / marketing project!

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